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The Ministerial Responsibilities of the Office of the Head of Service was initially covered by Gazette No.7 Vol.34 of 22nd March, 2001 which has now been superseded by Executive Order EO/AA O1 of 2015 on Assignment of :-

1. Leadership and direction to the Civil Service and maintaining good image of the Service.
2. Fostering professionalism among Civil Servants.
3. Advising the State Chief Executive on the appointment, posting and deployment of Permanent Secretaries.
4. Deployment of Civil Servants of all cadres in the State Civil Service
5. Managing Relations:-
a. with the State Service Commissions and Education Districts
b. between Commissioners and other Political Office Holders and Permanent Secretaries including other Civil Servants.
6. Career development of:-
a. Administrative, Executive and Secretarial cadres.
b. All management staff (GL 13 and above in the Civil Service)
7. Service and Post Service Welfare Matters.
8. Allocation of Office and residential accommodation to Civil Servants and Political Office Holders
9. Central allocation and boarding of vehicles and motorcycles.
10. Documentation of new Entrants and updating of information of existing Senior Officers and Political Appointees on the Oracle Database.
11. Celebrating Public Servants by:
a. Hosting the Annual Public Service Day
b. Award of Honours to deserving Staff
12. Liaison with Head of the Civil Service of the Federation and States Heads of the Civil Service.
13. Managing the following;
a. Public Service Recreation Club.
b. Staff Housing Board
14. Processing of requests for dispensation to recruit new Officers for Ministries, LGSC, HSC, TEPO etc.
15. Participation at the Executive Council Meetings.
16. Vetting of recommendation of promotion of officers on GL13 and above before consideration by the State Civil Service, Health Service Commission, TEPO, etc.
17. Approval for Public Servants travelling abroad.
18. Advising on Appointments and deployment of Chief Executive of Parastatals
19. Vetting of Appointment and Posting of Heads of Departments of Local Government Councils/LCDAs for the approval of the Governor.
20. Liaison with Code of Conduct Bureau.
21. Management of National Productivity Order of Merit Award.
22. Any other duty as may be assigned by the Governor.

Additional: Public Service Standard and Performance Directorate.
23. Yearly compilation of State Functions/Events and Public Holidays
24. Documentation of the Bio Data/Information on retired Heads of Service and Secretaries to the State Government in the State Civil Service.
25. Investigation of Petitions and Appeal Letters
26. Addressing issues emanating from SPADEV (Staff Performance)
27. Conduct employee survey on HR related issues.
28. Analyse and implement findings from service wide performance evaluation and
come up with standard.
29. Liaise with Office of METP, OTCI and Service Commissions on Establishment Matters, Workforce Planning and Forecasting.
30. Providing Promotion/Career Development support and guidance to employees.

The Office of Head of Service (OHOS)/ Public Service Office (PSO) is structured into Seven (7) Directorates and Four (4) Units for Administrative convenience and effective service delivery. They are:
1. Human Resources Directorate
2. Service Matters Directorate
3. Welfare Matters Directorate
4. Post Service Directorate
5. Public Service Standard and Performance Directorate
6. Staff Housing Board
7. Accounts Directorate
8. Public Affairs Unit
9. Internal Audit Unit
10. Planning Unit
11. Procurement Unit

While the Office of the Head of Service also oversees two core Agencies namely:
 Office of Transformation, Creativity and Innovation
 Lagos State Public Procurement Agency

The major programmes in the calendar of the Office includes:
1. Long Service Merit Award Ceremony
2. Public Service Week Celebration
3. Pens-Down Ceremony
4. HOS Cup Football Competition
5. Vacation Job for Young School Leavers
6. Retreats for Members of State Executive Council and Body of Permanent Secretaries
7. Last Day in Office Celebration
8. Interactive Sessions with the State Public Service Retirees
9. First Working Day Inter-denominational Prayers
10. Provision of Staff Buses
11. Provision of Staff Housing Loan